Life at N-Tech Automation


N-Tech Automation is a place to work, learn, and grow with a team of talented, committed and enthusiastic professionals.

With combination of modern outlook and traditional values, N-Tech offers dynamic working environment. With Progress of Employees as part of overall the vision, N-Tech takes training and nurturing the talents as a very important aspect of business.

YOU at N-Tech automation!

We can't spell "S" uccess without "U"

Living the Values : Every successful entity has one thing in common - their passion to follow the Values. At N-Tech Automation you will be guided to inculcate these Values - be it customer delight or social responsibilities.

Enrichment : Along with an opportunity to enhance your professional skills, you will also be imparted various soft skills training thus enriching you to become a smart professional.

Continual Development with Challenges : At N Tech Automation, with our ever expanding operations, we will put your career on the fast-track and also you will face challenges which will grill you to become better professional.

At Par with Industries : Along with working on the latest developments in the industries, you will also experience the beauty of transparency and Best HR Practices which we have implemented in our organisation, keeping you at par with the industries in overall work environment.

Work, Learn & Fun : With the access to a free flow of knowledge and experiences of seniors and peers, you enjoy each day with new challenges and fun environment.

We are constantly on the lookout for individuals with the right skills and attitude.